A typical blogger who grew up in Singapore, who loves to share his life's story, be it on blogspot, twitter or Youtube. Through social media he met his significant other and been together since January 7th 2011. Sidney then make the biggest decision of his life, to pursuit his studies together with his significant other in Chicago. And that is when his love for photography grew.

From random blogging photographs from his panasonic LX3 digital camera to a SLR camera, his love for capturing art through a viewfinder hasn't change. Recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Photography. Apart from working with photographs and keeping himself in the loop with social media, he enjoys playing video games, painting miniature figurines, reading graphic novels and playing trading card games. Most of his free time is spent stalking the twitter feeds for anything to enlighten or inspire him. He's also a sucker for intimate black & white photographs. Especially wedding photographs.