Sunday, October 11, 2009

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

Hope you guys had fun reading and if anyone of you guys from overseas were to visit us remember to Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience!

Do check out my Pringles entry for this contest if you haven't!


Mohd Hisham said...

wahhh - hilarious post! i liked that you mentioned KTV, dun think i see that repeated at many blogs! ;)

Siddy Lim said...

Thanks Hisham! glad you liked it! Yea <3 KTVs

Amark said...

Looks good Sid :P

Amark said...

Nice job, very funny.

Siddy Lim said...

Hey Hey Amark! thanks! =D
Hope you and Ebifia had a good laugh =)

Thanks again!