Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Samsung Galaxy S and Super Junior Experience

Remember my short blog entry about my invitation to Samsung's Galaxy S media conference and the Super Junior showcase? [click here to view]

You remember the lady in the picture below?

She goes by the name of Patricia Law and she's my idol. Not only did she recently start her own company GOODSTUPH, she is also going to be the next big thing in the Social Media industry with her many unique ideas and views of how Social Media is suppose to be. [click here to read the entry I wrote passionately about her]

All thanks to Pat who invited me to the Samsung Galaxy S media conference and Super Junior Showcase where to meet new/old friends, and also get a feel of what Samsung has install for us with their new baby, not forgetting that I was also able to meet the boys from Super Junior! (OMGWTHBBQSAUCE Donghae and Wookie).

Behold the Samsung Galaxy S, said to be the slimmest and ultra-responsive SUPER AMOLED screen for clearest and bright viewing of high definition videos at all angles, even in the sun!

Running on OS Android 2.1, Samsung believes that the Android-powered Galaxy S will set a new standard for smartphones. "The Galaxy S, with its best-of-class technology and features, will appeal to the growing number of Singaporeans who are increasingly connected and demand more from their mobile phones" said Mr Sung-Hyun Moon, Managing Director, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd. "The Galaxy S is the perfect device for people who want that extra edge in both their personal and professional lives.

Has, a 5.0 mega-pixel Camera + VGA Video Telephony Camera, Auto focus, continuous shot, self shot, action shot...the list just goes on. It's just amazing what the Galaxy S has to offer. Other specifications to look forward to is the HD video playing & recording (1280 x 720) up to 30fps! With up to 13hours talktime!

What more can you ask from a smartphone eh?

The launching of the Samsung Galaxy S phone.

Here are the boys from Super Junior!

The long wait has ended, they have finally appeared and I'm all hyper about it that I went a little too trigger happy. [click here for more pictures]

Please click the images for a large view of the picture. The boys were so entertaining even before they perform, We had a Q&A session with them and a preview of what's installed for us at the showcase with one of them dancing for us to their new single. 

Wonder who's my favorite Super Junior? Well I have two and they are...

Wookie - He is someone who make me believe that being skinny doesn't mean you cannot look good and dance.

Donghae - Just because he's cute, cute and did I say kawaii?

Next up, the Super Junior Showcase. I remember when I first watched Super Junior perform on YouTube, I was like dang, how I wished I could attend one of their concerts. But I thought to myself, chances that they will pop by Singapore would be rather slim. I was so wrong and Pat made my wish come true! <3 Pat Law! And thanks to her I was able to share this experience with a good friend from work Joel Tan who's also an amazing photographer. [Click here to check out the pictures the both of us took during the showcase]

The crazy fan girls, who screams were so loud that almost made me deaf. Luckily Joel and I manage to move a little further away from the mad screaming girls...

The host for the night. Local TV stars.

OMG. It's Donghae and the boys performing~

Yes more Donghae <3 *grins*

Cake for the birthday boy? Guess which boy!

The boys ended the night with their famous more loved single "Sorry Sorry"

And that's Joel and Me :)

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