Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello MacBook White

Hello again my dearest lovelies,

I was looking through my entries and noticed that I didn't introduce Iwamori my MacBook White to you guys. Yes I'm officially a Mac user, and I gave away my PC to my brother, who is more then happy to shift it into his room when I told him about the "good news".

What can I say, I never regretted switching to a Mac, and ever since I got it, I couldn't stop working on it, and I love the idea of being able to carry it around with me where ever I go. And let me warn you, I'm pretty anal about my stuff, so if anyone of you hangs out with me and were to use it, be sure that your hands are clean or be prepared to be yelled at!

And if you guys are wondering, the picture above is my workspace at home, looks a little untidy I know but, It will have to make do for now I guess until I figure out a way to block out all the wires from being seen.

Sorry that this is a short post but I got to get ready for a briefing, so I talk to you ladies and gents soon.

Siddy xoxo


Ty Baloo said...

What a messy desk :p hahaah Joking :) It's reallly nice :) I love the salt lamp too :)
It looks cozy ...
ps nice laptop ,)

Edmund said...


Looks like u traded the boring Pc for a Macbook! :)

Nice to have met you today and will definitely drop by again! :)


jojo said...

yay mac! <3 <3 hahaha

was nice meeting you today! :)

The Daddy Blog said...

Ahh My Macbook White is named Paul. He wears a tuxedo *thumbs up*

Siddy Lim said...

@Ty Baloo : Haha thanks Ty!

@Edmund : Left a comment on your blog! And thanks!

@jojo : same here jojo! And Mac is <3

@Le : You got to take a picture of Paul some day! :D

nabbycat said...

Whoo! Mac is awesome isn't it? Welcome to the bright side! :)