Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh darling, your skin will never lie.

Hello my dearest readers,

On the 12th July 2010, I was invited to witness Japan's best kept beauty secret which was Dr. Ci:Labo.

Yes that's the name of the product and was founded in 1998 by Yoshinori Shirono, a medical doctor who specialist in cosmetology. To be honest, that's my first time hearing of such a term, but it just means that he deals with cosmetic treatment of the skin, hair and nails.

Well Mister Yoshinori Shirono's objective was, and I quote "Bringing relief to everyone who suffers from problem skin" and "finding out what true skincare is".

Through his clinical treatment data of over 20,000 cases, with more than 3,000 monitoring efforts for advancement, he arrived at a conclusion for an ideal product :

- To remove elements that strain the skin and focus solely on aministering the essential nourishment

- To enhance the natural healing abilities of the skin, restoring its inherent firmness and lustre

Sounds very promising doesn't it? Well I was about to find out when I was at the event , Ryoko Tada introduced and explained the different products that Dr. Ci:Labo has to offer. If you guys had follow me on twitter or subscribed to my YouTube channel, you would have known that I was given a skincare package from Dr. Ci:Labo to take home and try it for 30 days.

So I made a video introducing the different facial product that was given to me to try out, and also interviewed two people asking them about their opinion on facial appearances.

My 30 days are now up and it's time for the verdict. I started using Dr. Ci:Labo on the 13th July 2010 and my 30th day was two days ago. I will be introducing the use of the product and share my take on it during the 30 days duration.

Before I continue, I would to thank Pat Law (@patlaw) for inviting me, and the people from Dr. Ci:Labo for giving me this opportunity. Thank you.

The Super Washing Foam EX

The Super washing foam EX is one of the basic series from Dr. Ci:Labo.

It has micro-rich bubbles which gently remove dirt and oils from your skin. Plant-derived cleansers in the form of minute, highly dense bubbles envelope and lift away the dead skin and the dirt inside pores which cause rough, dull skin.

Three major moisturizing ingredients and five vitamins for healthy skin. Super washing Foam EX is the first face-wash in Japan to include a combination of three major moisturizing ingredients (marine collagen, hyaluronan, ceramide) good for helping keep your face moist and vibrant after washing. Five kinds of vitamins (H, P, E B6, and C)  are also combined into a vitamin complex, making a gentle cleanser on delicate skin that leaves you with trouble-free, healthy skin.

A reduced burden on your skin. Super Washing Foam EX contains no perfumes, no coloring and no mineral oils. A combination of amino acids which are gentle on your skin is used.

Okay I have to be honest here, for a guy I have change at least 5 different brands of facial wash because of my picky skin. It's either my skin end up feeling really dry like it's cracking, or I get really bad rash from it. But 30 days of washing with the Super Washing Foam EX, my face seem to be rather comfortable with it and I love the tingly feeling of freshness after washing if off my face.

If you're wondering, if you have really sensitive skin, they have a different washing foam just for Super Sensitive skin types so don't you worry a thing, they got it all covered.

Aqua-in-Derm DN-Essence

Most skincare products in the market fail to penetrate the skin when applied on the exterior. However, through breaking the barrier that prevents the product from working its magic within the skin, the full potential of the product can be attained.

Dr. Ci:labo's Aqua-in-Derm DN-Essence is the solution, facilitating the osmosis process that aids absorption. It comprises of "Ultra-Pure Water" that is free from all impurities, which maximizes the effectiveness of skincare products. Combined with the "e-Moment System", a process where positive and negative ions are created, causes "repelling" and "drawing" forces to form a route for the diffusion of ingredients.

The "In-Derm Force System" further loosens and softens dead skin to temporarily relax the skin to prepare for the osmosis process. It involves four types of original complex - lactic-acid bacillus, grape juice fermentation fluid, lysolecithin and terahydropiperine that works on the keratin layer to protect the skin from external stimulation, allowing for easy penetration.

Pardon the awful picture of myself, but yes I couldn't believe at first that there was such a product to help your skin absorb whatever skincare you apply on next faster. They did a test on the day itself, where they apply on one hand with the Aqua-in-Derm DN-Essence and one without, and apply a drop of liquid formula on both hands to see which one was to absorb faster. And of cos, the one with the application of the Aqua-in-Derm DN-Essence absorb everything while the one without was still wobbling on the back of my hand.

I did say it's something worth getting and you won't regret getting it after you have tried it on yourself, I don't know if it applies to the rest of the people who uses facial products daily but I put a lot of things on my face to maintain my youthful appearance and flawless skin, and the Aqua-in-Derm DN-Essence not only helps me skin adsorb better but also helps speed up the process when applying which facial products.

Super White 377

With age come dark spots, which increases in number and get darker and larger over time. When the skin is affected by environmental irritants as well as internal factors such as aging and hormonal changes, the tyrosinase enzyme produced in melanocytes in activated, which causes dark spots. Simply put, dark spots occur when melanin pigment cannot be eliminated with the shedding of dead skin cells in the normal turnover cycle due to excessive production and build up in the epidermis.

To combat this problem, Dr. Ci:Labo created Super White 377, Japan's first serum formulated with "White 377", a new brightening agent. Proving 2,100 times the effectiveness of hydroquinone, a whitening product prescribed by cosmetic dermatologists, to inhibit tyrosinase activity, it barely irritates the skin.

Each ingredient included in the Super White 377 serves an individual purpose to wage a relentless right against the challenges of dark spots and dull skin:

White 377 (polyphenol)
- Anti-oxidant
- Inhibit tyrosinase activity

Resveratrol (French grape exract)
- Anti-oxidant
- Anti-aging
- Anti-inflammatory

Pycnogenol (French maritime pine tree extract)
- Anti-oxidant
- Promote collagen production
- Suppress collagenase and tyrosinase activity

- Anti-oxidant
- Suppress melanin production
- Increase resilience and elasticity

Vitamin Force
- Condition the skin

Complex of Vitamin K mimics
-Promote blood circulation

Glucosyl Hesperidin (Vitamin P)
- Anti-inflammatory
- Whitening

Ok, okay, I know that was a lot to read but it's really good information about the product no? I mean I am sure you would want to know what you will be putting on your face. Anyway, Ryoko Tada did a skin analysis for me and said that my skin is flawless and I don't really have to use the Super White 377. I end up giving it to my mom to try and she says that she notice that there's a difference, or that's what she claims, but who know's she might be pulling my leg right? then I noticed it, my suddenly seem to have a lot more confidence about her looks and smiles a lot more. For those who met my mom in before knows how grumpy and fierce she is, so those people can be my witness if they ever see my mom now. Yes one's facial appearance can affect one's mood.

Aqua Collagen Gel Super Moisture

"So what is it that my skin need needs to be beautiful", you would often ask.

The answer is MOISTURE. It is the most vital factor to achieving healthy and flawless skin. If the moisture level of the skin is maintained, an appropriate amount of sebum will secrete naturally, thus eliminating problems of oily or dry skin. Given ideal conditions, the skin has the ability to heal itself.

Thus, Dr. Ci:Labo formulated a 5-in-1 product, Aqua Collagen Gel, that accomplishes just that.

Based on Japanese state-of-the-art medicine, the Aqua Collagen Gel combines the effectiveness of five products - toner, milky lotion, essence, whitening essence and makeup base. Its naturally derived gel combined with organic ingredients serves to moisturise the skin for an extended period of time through sealing moisture in the gel membrane.

The effects of the ingredients:

- Natural Gel - Absorb and retain large amounts of water
- Micro Ocean Collagen - Penetrate the skin to provide moisture and promotes firmness
- Amber Ocean extracted from seaweed - Preserve the skin's elasticity
- 19 Amino Acids that is found in our body - Increases the skin's ability to retain moisture

With just a single application, your daily skincare regime is completed.

This is one of my favorite product from the whole package! Never have I felt so good after applying moisturer on my face. Usually ends up feeling all sticky and takes awhile to adsorb into the face, but with the Aqua Collagen Gel Super Moisture, I don't face that problem anymore! This is a MUST HAVE for all you narcissistic people out there (including myself of cos).

That wraps up all the difference products used during the 30 days duration. I do hope you guys find the information and my review for each product useful, and do feel free to ask my anything about the product or how it has helped my skin by leaving a comment below.

By leaving a comment, you guys are also helping me to stand a chance to win myself 1 year supply of Dr. Ci:Labo products. So be darling for me and ask me something will ya?

Siddy xoxo


Ty Baloo said...

Wow !! that's a nice and long description of the products. Even if I don't use those kinds of products, I would be more inclined to try now :p

Did you used all the 3 products on a daily basis? If so, in which order did you used them?

Two other questions:
1/ such high quality products must be pretty expensive, don't they?
2/ where can you get them? Any internet site?

Take care

Niki said...

I only started using it again about a week ago so I'm giving myself three more weeks. Glad to know this worked for you! :)

Steven said...

Great thorough review! I wonder if I can try to get my hands on some of those products, they seem very good!

Geoffrey Kwan said...

Heyy its nice to know that you got the products workin for ya!
You had a lotta time writing up all this ;)
Dangg if only i had themm ;P

Aleichia said...

I have oily skin and tons of acne, does it help clear that up?

KyleBurg said...

I LOVE Dr. Ci:Labo!
Awesome and through review Siddy! Very much appreciated!! :D

BenVoda said...

This is a very good review being done!
I am just wondering, are we able to use these range of products with others? This is because, some products are rather sensitive and are unable to be used with others.
Anyway, I must say that this review is very convincing! It makes me want to buy the range of products!


~ Xi@nG~ said...

A very detailed post I see here. Glad you found a brand product that suit you the most and improves your skin. I guess your skin was pretty nice, better than me so much but it's getting more shinny than previously.
Too bad I'm too lazy to use all this product or else I would try some of it xD

yiqin; said...

Ahahah i think this is a good review. And good skin products are realyl hard to come by.

tingting said...

Wow they look expensive! haha. But I would love to try some. (:

Jordan said...

Dayummmm, nice review. I need the whitening one, so that people can stop mistaking my race.

Kyle said...

You even convinced my bf to purchase something from Dr. Ci:Labo! He said your review was very through! He bought the Deep moisture masks, and I think they are working really well for him so far!

Manny said...

WOW! This was exceptional work with your Review!! It made me want to try them out! I purchased the Aqua Collagen Face Mask and it was sooo refreshing. Im completely a Dr. Ci Labo Follower til I die! HE IS AMAZING AND I THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME WITH YOUR AMAZING REVIEW ON HIS PRODUCTS!! =D =D =D

Keep up the good work!

I look forward to reading more reviews from you =)

Anonymous said...

I wish to try the super moisture one as I think moisturizer is important to maintain a fresh and good looking complexion.
Can I have the sample just like what you got?
Only the small size will do.
I'm really afraid that it won't suit with my skin and may develop a side effect.
That was a nice review,Siddy.
Please keep updating it.
Thank you!