Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Smartphones that speaks fashion

Lately, there seems to be an increase number of people using smartphones. The Blackberry Bold and iPhones 3Gs is currently the more commonly used smartphone here, or so what I have notice while walking around town, train rides or at media events.

Majority of the gay men in Singapore are APPLE lovers (I don't know about the straight men but you guys have enough coverage in this world), which pretty much makes it pretty pointless for me to talk about men and smartphone fashion. Well for the ladies on the other-hand, sure know how to work their look. Maybe it's because of movies like "Sex and the City" where the different characters with different style carries different kinds of smartphones.

Take Carrie Bradshaw for example, she's a writer, published books, loves her Manolo Blahnik, don't really agree all of her dress but still love her and her style, a woman who believes that love exist and she's a Blackberry Bold 9000 user.

While Samantha Jones is an independent business women, with a career in public relations and the ability to get almost any guy she wants, uses an iPhone 3Gs to keep her in check of what's hot and what's not in her line of business.

And it seems that this two leading ladies from the big screen has made an impact on Singapore's working ladies and smartphone fashion. But the question today is, which has a better look?!

Well I took this opportunity to have a look for myself to see which has a better fashion appeal. With the help of my friend Yiqin (@qinatthedisco) as the model, a Bally Messenger Leather Bag, a Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Leather wallet and the two different smartphones (Blackberry Bold and iPhone 3Gs).

First up, The Blackberry Bold 9000

I might be biases here because I'm a Blackberry Bold user myself, but I feel that the Blackberry bold has this classy feeling to it, where it gives the user a sophisticated look when carrying it. I believe the qwerty keypad on the Blackberry Bold is a nice touch to the design of the phone and in my opinion it goes pretty well with the Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas leather wallet.

When you talk about confidence, I believe that the Blackberry Bold gives that image of confidence to one's fashion appearance.

Next we have, The iPhone 3Gs

I know that there are like a billion and one designs/covers/cases/skins and what not for the iPhone 3Gs but we are here to see what the iPhone 3Gs has to offer by itself without all those sparkling accessories. For me the little details are everything that makes something appealing, I mean sure the iPhone 3Gs has all sorts of applications, an awesome user interface, but it's a little plain without all that "smartphone makeover" don't you think? Maybe what the iPhone 3Gs can give is that look of fun to a person's appearance.

I most certainly can't picture the iPhone 3Gs to match anything and look good without its layer of masking and shells.

Well with all that said, I did love to hear a different opinion, and if possible a picture to go with it.

Disclaimer: credit goes to and for the pictures of Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones. Other pictures found in this entry were photographed by me.


Kyle said...

Awesome post Siddy!!

zzanyy said...

You are right, the BB looks better. ;D